August Bournonville

August Bournonville lived from 1805-1879 and was born in Denmark. He was a dance master and choreographer who’s father Antoine studied with the famous Jean Georges Noverre.

August Bournonville studied at the Royal Danish ballet under Vincenzo Galeotti and then in Paris under Auguste Vestris. After he went on to become a soloist with the Royal Danish Ballet and finally well known choreographer.

August Bournonville is known for creating his own style of dance termed the Bournonville School. The school stays true to the classical French style. In his book, Efterlade Skrifter (1861, Choreographic Scriptures) he outlines the keys to which his school is based. These include proper body placement, facial expressions and grace.

Bournonville’s best-known ballets are La Sylphide (1836), Napoli (1842), Le Conservatoire (1849), The Kermesse in Bruges (1851) and A Folk Tale (1854).

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