Ballet Terms

We are curently updating our ballet video dictionary. You can still view our vidoes on our youtube channel.

Welcome to the Online Video Ballet Dictionary Where You Will Find Ballet Terms Defined for You!

Here you will find many ballet terms defined for you! Not only a worded definition with the phonetic spellings but also a video showing the step! I have invited some amazing local students to help me in this project. I must say a special thanks to all of the dancers for their beautiful dancing. These kids work very hard in their classes and it shows! Many of them have been taking ballet classes since they were in preschool. I wanted to incorporate students into the video clips to show other aspiring students what is possible. If you are a young dancer you can see kids just like you who dance ballet and you can aspire to achieve what they have.

You will find the terms broken down alphabetically into five pages. The descriptions of the five positions are on a separate page.


A-B, C-D, E-G, J-R, S-W

The Five Positions

This video ballet dictionary is not to replace ballet classes. To learn ballet correctly with proper technique one must take class with a professional teacher. If not, serious injury could occur. This is only for students to explore further and to remind them of what they have learned in class.