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The Wish Upon a Ballet

Online School!

Dance with Ms. Gina Ballerina today! Learn first position, plié and tendu as we pretend to be animals or snowflakes and go on amazing adventures! 

Dance Teaching Resources

Teaching preschool dance is so rewarding! Watching my students’ little faces light up when we dance and jump around just makes my day!

Having spent so many years teaching little ones I now have it down to a science. This site is dedicated to helping teachers learn all about what goes into teaching a preschool ballet class from start to finish!

Check out my books on teaching preschoolers whether it comes to how you teach your classes or what you teach in your classes.

I will help you get your students listening and having the best time so they can’t wait to come back to class!

Tips for Parents

Your child’s first ballet class is very exciting! Let Wish Upon a Ballet assist you in making your child’s first class the best it can be!

Check out our articles on how to prepare for class and what to expect at your first ballet class. Also learn about the wonderful effects dance has on students to help build their amazing bodies and minds.

Get ready for spins and leaps and lots of laughs!

In Person Dance Classes

Wish Upon a Ballet™ dance classes are offered in the Minneapolis / St Paul Metro Area. 

Classes are filled with creativity, story telling and plenty of jumping around! Our mission is to teach pre ballet using plenty of imagination and fun. Students will learn real ballet steps and simple technique in a supportive and positive atmosphere.

Come join a dance class near you! 

Ballet History

The art of ballet is filled with amazing history!

From the very early forms of dance to what we view today, ballet has had many changes.

Learn where ballet began and how it has traveled all around the world. Learn about the great dancers, beautiful costumes and amazing music.

I am continually inspired to learn about this great art form and I hope you are as well!

Ballet Terms

Take a look at our ballet dictionary! Whether you are a student or have a student that would like to continue to learn at home you have come the right place!

What is a fouette or a pirouette? What are the five posititions? Our ballet dictionary has many terms explained for you that include video examples!

Check it out today!


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