burnsville 2015-1Teaching preschool ballet is such a joy! The energy that your little students have, their laughter and excitement! Whether it is your career path or just a part time job what a privileged it is to teach these young children.

This may only be true however when you are confident that you have a well structured class and your students are all listening and paying attention to you! If you are not quite sure that your class is going well or you know for a fact that it is not it is a different story.

When I started out I was lucky. I had the pleasure of working with great women who were glad to pass on their knowledge of teaching. Now, 20 years later I still remember their advice and I also have years of experience to look back on whenever I have a challenge that I need to face in my classes. I have seen every type of class and student. Every once in a while I still have a student who surprises me but that just keeps me learning and growing as a teacher.

You have the desire to teach dance. You love to dance yourself and want to pass that love on to others. More than that you want to teach ballet to preschoolers. Hopefully you have the support of fellow teachers and mentors to get you off on the right path!

But what if you need more help to feel completely confident in your classes? 

What if you are not sure that what you have planned is going to make a great class? Will it be fun? Will it stimulate your students? Will it teach them what they should be learning? What should your students be learning?

What if it is time for class to begin but Susie can’t pull away from mom? What if Clare is running all over the room and Anna can’t stop crying?

If this is the case, I would love to talk to you!

I can help you – 

  • Create a lesson plan that includes warm up ideas, games and dances.
  • Learn what is age appropriate material.
  • Learn ways to help your students learn their steps and dances.
  • Learn ways to keep your students listening and paying attention to you the entire class.
  • Have a calm and organized class.
  • Impress the parents of your students.
  • Have fun with your students!

My rates are very affordable to encourage you to learn and grow and be your best! I truly believe that dance teachers are so valuable in the growth of our young people. There needs to be more education for teachers of preschool dance. Contact me today!

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