Positive Effects of Dance on Children

Studies suggest there are many positive benefits dance and movement have on children. Dance helps children grow physically, emotionally and intellectually. Not only is the movement beneficial but adding music just multiplies the benefits.

Physically, dance helps children with their strength, posture and flexibility. In more extreme cases dance has been known to help children with disabilities. Children with cerebral palsy have shown increased muscle tone. Even cancer patients have shown improvement with their symptoms. Blind and deaf children have seen benefits as well from dance.

Examples of how dance can help emotionally and mentally is shy children come out of their shells and it can provide more structure for kids that “bounce off the walls”. Dance therapy is used for children with different kinds of mental challenges. It is used for children with ADD, depression and more.

There have been studies that show movement helps kids with their intellectual development. Children can learn more effectively when they are involved in an activity where they can be expressive with their whole bodies. The mind and body are connected and one simply feeds off the other. This is why we must keep kids active whether it is in dance or other physical activities!

Let’s not forget dance helps build confidence! How many times have I heard a student learn a new step and shout, “Ms. Gina Ballerina! Look what I can do!” It might be a step that I taught them or something they made up themselves. Our bodies are amazing and are capable of so many fun things!

Our bodies are here for us to use to feel free and to express how we feel to the world. We see children express with their bodies all the time. When they are happy they jump up and down. When they are upset they crash to the floor and pout. Their bodies and minds are completely connected. As we get older we forget to express with our bodies because it is not acceptable. People who continue to move when they get older understand how important it is to keep going, whether it is through dance, yoga or another sport.

Dance helps us remember what are bodies are capable of and helps us express and live! Physically we need movement so our bodies stay strong and healthy. Emotionally we need movement so our minds stay strong and healthy too!

By teaching children to dance you not only keep them strong physically and emotionally but you open them up to what is possible as they grow up. They will be more likely to keep movement and positive expression with them their whole lives!