Ballet Tips for Parents of Little Dancers

Little Ballerina FeetBeing a parent of a young dancer especially when you have not danced before yourself can be a complicated but exciting new experience! On this site you will find many helpful tips that will get your child on their way to having a great class! On the following pages I will breakdown a few things you should know to prepare for class and what, as a parent, you should expect during your child’s class. You will also find links to other pages with more information. The process can be complex however I hope to make things easier for you so you and your child feel prepared and are excited for class!

Some things you may be wondering about are, how do I know what shoes and clothes my child should wear? Is there anything else they should bring to class? What is my role during the class? What if my child is shy? Should we practice at home?

These are all great questions! Many of these answers will have to be answered by your child’s teacher since teachers preferences may differ. If the information was not given to you in advance feel free to call your dance studio and ask any question you may have. They will be happy to help you. Most teachers are very relaxed when it comes to a preschool ballet class and know that parents will have many questions. If you don’t have everything you need on the first day of class it is okay. Just be ready to send your child into class for a great time!

For more information about what to expect before and during a preschool ballet class, keep reading the articles I have provided below! I have covered everything from what clothing your child needs to what you as a parent should expect during class. Teachers want nothing else but for you and your child to have a wonderful dance experience! We want you to feel welcome and share the love of ballet with us!

Keep Reading!

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Wish Upon a Ballet Classes

Wish Upon a Ballet classes are currently only being offered in the Minneapolis / St. Paul Metro Area through Mayer Arts. If you live in our area check us out!

Ballet Video Dictionary

On this site we have a Ballet Video Dictionary just for you! Are you a new student that needs to be reminded of steps? Or a parent that wants to help your child learn? Then this is for you!

Ballet Shoes

What are ballet shoes? How do I know which ones are right for my child? How should they fit? I will answer you questions here!

Ballet Dancewear

Leotards, tights, tutus oh my! What are they and what should my child wear to class? Find out here!

Tips for Parents Blog

Is my child ready for a dance class? Is ballet good exercise? Find out here!

Ballet Books

Reading books about ballet is so much fun with preschoolers. There are great fiction and nonfiction books to share with our children. Find some favorites here!

Ballet Music

There are so many great ballet soundtracks available! Here are just a few!

Ballet Coloring Pages

Does you child like to color? Here I have many fun pages that your child will love. You can also download my new Wish Upon a Ballet Coloring Book here!

Ballet Birthday Parties

Do you have a child that loves ballet? Are they asking for a ballet themed party? This page has many great ideas to make your child’s special day extra special!

Wish Upon a Ballet Classes are Now Online!

Your children can dance with Ms. Gina Ballerina on your own time right in the comfort of your home or on their device! Ms. Gina believes that dance is such a creative outlet for young children. Her program will stimulate creativity as well as promote strength, flexibility, healthy posture and coordination. In this program your child will –

*Learn ballet steps such as plié and chassé
*Play creative games with fun characters such as the Snow Queen and Sleeping Beauty
*Learn original songs and music from classical ballets
*Read along with Ms. Gina to amazing ballet stories like the Nutcracker and Cinderella!

This program is guaranteed to keep your children engaged in a healthy way. Learn and grow with Wish Upon a Ballet™!