Ballet Birthday Parties

Ballet birthday parties are very popular for children who love ballet! The kids can dress up, make crafts and of course dance! I have been asked to lead the activities at several ballet parties during my time as a teacher.

For these birthday parties, I have actually gone to the families home and given a class of my favorite dances. Most of the time we dance in the family’s living room. If you have access, I feel it would be best to find a bigger space. Ask your local dance studio if they wouldn’t mind renting a studio space to you for your special event. That way the kids are in a real studio, there is plenty of room to move around in and nobody is in danger of knocking down anything breakable!

There are many fun ideas for the invitations. Most online party stores have ballet themed invitations as well as plates, napkins, and other decorations. If you would like to make your own invitation that is very easy to do as well. Using pink paper or card stock you could make folded cards or just a single sheet. Then you can punch holes in the corner and attach a pink ribbon tied in a bow. All of the information can be added with fun colored or glittery markers. Finally if you are not an artist, stickers are a fun way to finish the cards.

Other decorations should flow with the theme. Everything should be pink and white with maybe some purple, blue, sliver or gold sprinkled in. What ever your child’s favorite colors are. Other decorations should include balloons, streamers and confetti.

As for activities, I would hire a ballet teacher to help you out. They run ballet activities for children on a regular basis and would have many fun ideas. If you would like to do some games on your own, I will list a few ideas. Just make sure that your child or someone you know can help teach the rest of the kids some basic steps. Some ideas are: ballet Simon says, ballet relay races, freeze dance (the kids freeze when the music stops), and ballet red light green light. Again making crowns or wands is fun, ballet coloring pages are available to print from this site, and I have also seen a ballet shoe piñata online!

The food can also reflect the theme. You can find pink candies or fruit. Fancy finger foods can also be served for the fancy princesses. You can have a white cake with pink accents such as flowers, balloons or an actual ballet shoe! Pink lemonade is a great pink drink to finish off the occasion!

I believe the parents should provide fun costumes for the kids to wear. You can buy inexpensive tutus from party stores as well as crowns and wands. These things can also be fun craft ideas as well. In some of my princess themed classes we have made crowns and wands using card stock paper and sparkly decorations can be glued on. There are also foam crowns that I have seen at craft stores that can be decorated.

Finally, make sure the children leave with plenty of fun goodies. Don’t forget to make them pink. Things to put in bags are stickers, tattoos, candy, jewelry and make-up such as nail polish or lip gloss.

Have fun!