Ballet Mirrors

Ballet mirrors are usually used in the ballet studio. Mirrors are used by dancers to observe themselves. This way they can check and see if they are using correct technique and are following the teacher or choreographer to the best of their ability. Young children do not need mirrors in class. Sometimes they can be distracting. The young dancer may be more interested in making funny faces to her/himself rather than listening to the teacher!

Mirrors are helpful to teachers as well. It allows the teacher to face forward while teaching. This way they can watch their students and perform the dances the same direction as the students. It also allows the teacher to see different angles of the classroom so that they can best view their students and help them when necessary.

Some companies that supply mirrors for dance use are:

Rose Brands – They have glassless mirrors. Their glassless mirrors are made of a highly reflective metalized polyester film that’s vacuum stretched around a frame.

Mats Mats Mats – They also have glassless mirrors and say that the material that is used in their mirrors is the same that was used in the Hubble space telescope.

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