Ballet Barres

A Ballet Barre is a rail that is used for ballet warm up exercises. Ballet Barres can be freestanding or attached to the wall of a dance studio. They are usually made of wood or metal. Freestanding barres can be adjustable to compensate for the fact that different dancers are different heights. They are also portable so that you can take them down and take them with you where ever you need to go. Barres that are attached to the walls are not adjustable. They are at a fixed height, however most studios will have two, one is higher than the other. The high barre is for adults and the lower is for younger students.

Ballet Barres help the dancer practice steps while they are warming up or learning to balance and strengthen muscles. It is there for light support however it is not to be gripped or leaned on. The dancer must learn to balance on their own and not over use the barre. The term, barre can also refer to the first part of ballet class where exercises are performed at the barre. Some of these exercises will include, pliés, tendus, dégagés, fondus, and grand battements. After the barre exercises are finished the students will then move to the center of the room for center work.

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Ballet Barres

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