Ballet Floors

There are many different kinds of ballet floors. Which floor you choose depends on if you will be dancing only ballet or other styles of dance and what kind of shoes you will be wearing.

The best ballet floors are “sprung”. This means that under the floor there is some type of spring system. This allows a dancer to perform many jumps with less strain on their joints.

The surface of the ballet floor can be wood or vinyl. Wood floors tend to be more slick where as vinyl can stick more.  If you know what type of floor you will be dancing on then you can better decide what kind of shoes to purchase for your class.

Ballet requires a floor that is not to slippery. Others forms of dance such as modern require a floor that will let the dancer’s feet slide more easily. This is because they usually dance in bare feet. Tappers need a floor that is not too slick so they don’t fall but also a floor that can withstand the taps hitting the floor.

Some companies that provide dance floors for studios and home use are:



Great Mats

Portable Platforms

Master Portable Dance Floors


Ballet Barres

Ballet Mirrors

Ballet Floors