Leather Ballet Shoes

Having worn both leather ballet shoes and canvas ballet shoes I can say that I prefer leather. Although I like canvas as well, just not as much. Leather shoes are very comfortable and stretch a bit to mold to your foot.  The look also appears very elegant. They may also last longer than canvas. On the other hand leather shoes can be more expensive. I have also found that when I am dancing on a marley floor surface sometimes leather feels a bit sticky.

There are many places to buy leather ballet shoes. Discount shoe store chains are now selling leather ballet shoes however they are not very flexible. I feel that for only 1 or 2 dollars more it is best to buy the real thing from a reputable dance store. We need to take care of our feet!

Here are some brands that I really like. They are very comfortable and fun to wear!


   Capezio Ballet Shoes
   Bloch Prolite II Ballet Shoes
   Dancing Fair Releve Ballet Shoe
   Dancing Fair Jete Ballet Shoe

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