Ballet Video DictionaryNo longer available. Please visit our Ballet Terms Pages for our complete dictionary.

The Ballet Video Dictionary is now on DVD! For the low price of $7.95 you can own the videos that you see on this site. Watch it right in your living room or take it with you to your studio.

This DVD contains over 45 steps with their definitions demonstrated by some very talented students. This Ballet Video Dictionary is great for all ages and all levels. Whether you are new to ballet and still learning steps, just need a reminder every now and then or want to share steps with your student this DVD will be of great help.

Making this DVD was such a rewarding experience. I was amazed at the wonderfully talented students that wanted to share their love of ballet with all of you!

My goal at Wish Upon a Ballet is to help beginning students and teachers find their way in the ballet world and that really ballet is for everyone who wants to be a part of it. We can best do that through education. Knowledge of ballet steps is just one part. So take the journey today!