7 Benefits of Dance for Children

There are many positive effects that dance and movement have on children and there have been many studies to suggest this. Dance helps children grow physically, emotionally and intellectually. Not only is the movement beneficial to our minds and bodies but adding music increases these benefits . Of course there are so many more than 7 however we will just start with these!

Physical Development

Dance is a physical activity that builds strong bodies. Not only wil children gain strength but flexiblilty, coordination, spacial awareness and great posture!

Emotional Developement

Dance can help shy children come out of their shells and it can provide more structure to kids that “bounce off the walls”. Dance also has been used as therapy for children with all kinds of emotional and mental health needs. Dance allows children to express themselves and be free!

Intellectual Development

There have been studies that show that movement improves intellectual development. Children can learn more effectively when they are involved in an activity where they can be expressive with their whole bodies. The mind and the body are connected and one simply feeds off the other. Dance can help improve memory, concentration and communication skills.

Social Interaction and Teamwork

Dance is usually a class activity. Therefore students are interacting with each other and learning how to work as a group. They learn how to respect each other, take turns, be polite and work together to make their dances look amazing!

Creative Expression

In a dance class young children will need to learn to express a piece of music. Whether the music is fast or slow, funny or graceful, their moves and emotions will follow. Children will also have the opportunity to play pretend in a dance class. We can be animals, royalty or snowflakes dancing around!

Self Esteem

I can’t count how many times a student has said, “Ms. Gina Ballerina! Look what I can do!” When a student accomplishes a new activity their confidence grows. What a gift to be able to give that to your child.

It’s FUN!!!

Children love to jump around to music. Moving their bodies is natural and is what they are meant to do! Music and movement improves our emotional state and feels great! 

Dance with Ms. Gina Ballerina Today!

Experience all the benefits of dance for your child!

Classes are ready to view in the comfort of your own home or on a device when you are on the go!

Experienced Instructor

Gina Mayer has been teaching dance to preschoolers since 1996 and developed the Wish Upon a Ballet™ program in 2001. Her belief is that ballet should be taught to young dancers through stories and creativity.

Complete and Engaging Curriculum

Students will learn real ballet steps taught in a preschool friendly way. Every plié and tendu is related to a wonderful story so your child will think learning is fun! Every class is filled with warm-ups, stretches, steps, jumps and creative acitivities.

Promotes Developement

All lessons include orginal songs as well as classical music from famous ballets to inspire your child to use their imagination and get dancing! Music is proven to stimulate creativity and brain developement while dance will improve strength, flexibility and coordination in your child.