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SaaS content marketing - 4 must-try tricks to.

Inbound marketing has been the buzzword of the digital marketing world during the past couple of years if not longer. In the SaaS environment, where SaaS content marketing is deemed integral, inbound marketing methodology is not a luxury, but a necessity. However, how can we actually implement the inbound marketing methodology to our SaaS business? My SaaS content marketing study found that PR-style content received twice as much organic traffic as blogs that focused on educational content. That statistic won’t hold true for mom-and-pop shops. But it does work for big companies whose fortunes qualify as newsworthy events.

My guest today is Shayla Price, a content and email marketing consultant for SaaS businesses. She has worked with companies such as Leadpages, Agorapulse, Kissmetrics, Shopify Plus and more. She has published many articles in her work and is also involved with aspiring women in the SaaS marketing community to help them excel. Fact: Content marketing drives the majority of SEO strategies. It’s a fact, confirmed by Google, by the way. Andrey Lipattsev, Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google confirmed that high-quality content and link building are the two most important ranking signals.. Now I’ve looked at how SaaS content marketing has changed between 2017 and 2019, let’s compare two very different sets of SaaS companies: the Montclare 250 and the top 250 fastest-growing companies taken from the SaaS 1000 note: for simplicity, I’m going to refer to this subset as the SaaS 250. Need a consistent content strategy that grows your top of the funnel? Structure your B2B SaaS content marketing in quarterly campaigns to better track efforts and see a clearer picture of how your content is effecting your company's growth. Content marketing is a very important aspect of the SaaS business. In fact, in a SaaS space, probably your content is just as important as your product. So, how can we effectively implement content and inbound marketing for a SaaS business? In this guide, we will learn how. We will divide this guide into three big sections: keyword research.

‎Learn how to turn your SaaS brand into a real user magnet with targeted content strategies. Every 2 weeks, SaaS copywriter Pawel Grabowski brings you tips and insights you need to deliver your company’s successful content marketing strategy. For SaaS marketing managers, it can be a challenge to get VP and C-level executive buy-in for content marketing programs. Marketers need to map out a comprehensive plan to provide concrete evidence that multi-channel distribution of digital content can, and will, contribute to top-line growth. SaaS content marketing has a big impact. Content marketing is powerful when you are doing it right. The important fact is that this is a free strategy and unlike traditional advertising, it may help you a lot with customer retention and building awareness on your brand. I have covered a series of steps that are important in creating a lucrative content marketing strategy for a SaaS. Discover what’s working in SaaS content marketing in 2019. Including the 12 content types and 16 content CTAs used by the fastest growing SaaS companies. Embrace Content Marketing. SaaS is uniquely positioned to take advantage of SaaS content marketing as a primary strategy for growth. Potential customers that are most likely to adopt a new SaaS platform are those who may already be searching for a solution for their pain point online.

For any new Saas company, there are 101 different growth strategies that you could attempt. In fact, here we’ve listed 50 of them for you. To really establish your business as the industry go-to, and get on Google’s good side, one strategy that every new Saas startup needs is a solid Content Marketing. 2. Get Started With Content Marketing And SEO. When woven together, content marketing and SEO can deliver an incredible amount of targeted traffic to your site. Indeed, creating content for prospects is one of the most common ways SaaS marketers generate brand awareness and build trust.

Inbound marketing, outbound marketing, content marketing and SaaS marketing. There are many types of marketing, but what distinguishes SaaS marketing from other types of marketing? With the dawn of digital marketing, a plethora of methods on how to. The SaaS Guide to Search Engine Optimization SEO Content marketing for SaaS. Let’s now talk for a while about content marketing. Content marketing is not SEO, but it can be a part and when done well content marketing can turbo charge your ongoing SEO work of. The rapid growth of content marketing is undeniable. B2B SaaS companies are churning out blog posts left and right, but the reality is few marketers are creating strategic content aligned with their business goals —whether that's increasing retention, generating leads, or boosting brand awareness. The use of videos for SaaS companies is a powerful method of telling the story of a complex and often very technical product in an engaging and more personal manner that resonates with the viewer. Boost your SaaS content marketing strategy with precise, crisp educational & instructional videos. Read, listen and watch SaaS content marketing best practices for founders and leaders of growing technology companies at— The Business of SaaS. Join SaaS co-founders and operators Justin and Anna Talerico for capital-efficient sales, marketing, customer success, culture and liquidity guidance.

How to Make Your SaaS Content Marketing Effective. With the huge variety of formats and mediums for SaaS content, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or unorganized. No matter the type of content, there are a few benchmarks to always keep in mind for your SaaS content marketing: Remember your audience. The Future of SaaS and Content Marketing in the Subscription Economy. Sudipto Ghosh October 14, 2019, 5:37 pm October 15, 2019. In a latest report highlighting the growth of subscription economy, SaaS and IoT have achieved the highest level of subscription revenue growth since Q2 2017. SaaS companies face challenges that are unique to their industries when it comes to content marketing. First off, you’re going up against a lot of competitors who are using some very aggressive sales tactics.

  1. Content marketing has become very popular in the last decade. But for all that growth, there seems to be more noise and lower quality than ever. What we’re seeing is an influx of spending and a massive increase in content creation, but a lack of content marketing strategy. Content is a significant investment in your marketing.
  2. Content is queen, compelling content is even more powerful. Stand out in a saturated market with fun, unique blog posts that delight your target audience. Keep readers on your site for longer and have them coming back for more. Boost brand awareness, mentions and social shares with B2B SaaS content that not only educates but also entertains.
  3. Once you start using SaaS content marketing, you can tie it into many parts of your sales and advertising efforts. Improve Your SaaS Content Marketing With the Right Tools. As you develop a SaaS content marketing plan, use the tools and best practices mentioned in this post to create a full-cycle strategy that helps customers from start to finish.
  4. Content marketing for SaaS is quite an adventure, but if you have the right guide and the right tools, it’s well worth the journey. And if you need a travel buddy, give us a call - this could be a one-way ticket to your financial destination. Share This Article. Ulf Lonegren.

Content Marketing! Here are my goals Help 100 SaaS startups through my published content Goal 1. Work with 5 SaaS startups in before 2020 Goal 2. Help 3 B2B SaaS startups hit 10k visits per month using content Goal 3. Travel to Dubai during the Christmas break this year 🙂 Goal 4. Steal Hundreds of Content Tactics That Have Produced MILLIONS of Followers and Sales! Check Out Our Content Marketing Playbook. Scaling SaaS Content Marketing is Doable. Scaling content, in general, is tough. You have to ensure your content is stellar, and most of all, consistent. Doing all that with a next to nothing budget as a startup is. Hi! I'm Adrienne, the founder of ANB SaaS Consulting and Content Marketing. I have over 15 years of writing and research experience, and that is why I understand how hard it is to create content that attracts your ideal customer and doubles your revenue.

  1. SaaS content marketing is a must-have for Software as a Service SaaS companies, yet it can feel like a massive undertaking. Why? Because it involves creating content that not only address specific pain points but also challenge audience experiences.
  2. SaaS content marketing is fundamentally different to traditional marketing. As tricky as tailoring an effective SaaS content marketing strategy is, the success stories in the field are inspiring. Let's see how you can grow your SaaS business using those 4 tricks!
  3. 5 Tips For Developing A Great SaaS Content Marketing Strategy Tip 1: Zero In On Your Audience. While it’s true that your content will be visible to random Internet users, you should still do your best focusing on the target audience. When producing content, have a particular buyer persona in mind.

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